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Serving the Canadian insurance market in the domains of property & casualty insurance, life insurance and institutional investments, The Co-operators is a leading Canadian financial services firm. With nearly 5,000 employees and $45 billion in assets under management, The Co-operators are firmly established in their industry.

The Co-operators Term Life Insurance

Designed to cover the needs of a policyholder during a stage of heightened financial obligation, The Co-operators Term Life insurance plan protects for a given term: 10 to 30-year renewable terms are available.

The Co-operators Whole Life Insurance

Providing a combination of fixed premiums and permanent life insurance, The Co-operators Whole Life insurance is a great option for those looking for a long-term plan. Tax-advantaged investment opportunities are available.

The Co-operators Universal Life

Unlike Whole Life insurance, The Co-operators Universal Life plans permit a high degree of flexibility. With these plans, you control your investments and premium payments – the decisions are in your hands.

Critical Assist® Critical Illness Insurance

With the goal of protecting you in the event of a critical illness, Critical Assist® from The Co-operators will provide a lump-sum payment to a policyholder in need. Also offered from The Co-operators, Critical Assist® Head Start aims to cover children who may be affected by one of 36 covered conditions.

Edge Benefits® Disability Insurance

With Edge Benefits® Disability Insurance, you’re covered tax-free. In the event that you become disabled and cannot continue to earn your normal wages, The Co-operators disability insurance has got you covered.

Mortgage Guard® Mortgage Insurance

A hyper-flexible plan from The Co-operators, Mortgage Guard® Mortgage insurance is a combination of several policies. Mortgage Guard® is a life insurance plan that covers your mortgage in the event of your passing, but also comes with the option of adding critical illness and/or disability coverage for your added convenience.