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Founded in Quebec, SSQ is one of Canada’s leading financial institutions. With over 3 million customers and $11 billion in assets under management, the company offers has a diverse product offering in the areas of home, auto and life insurance.

Credit Insurance

SSQ’s Credit Insurance Plan is a well-rounded plan designed to help you manage and protect your debt. This plan combines the benefits of critical, life, and disability insurance all together.

Universal Life

A lifelong plan, SSQ’s Universal Life plan is for those who are looking to build their savings with investment accounts that are tax-sheltered. The Universal Life Plan includes disability protection, flexible premium payments and permanent life coverage.

Permanent Life

With the SSQ Permanent Life Policy, a policyholder is protected for life. Special features of this policy include a cash value that’s available after just 10 years, and the ability to pay for the entire policy in just 20 years (or as long until the age of 100).

Critical Illness

The SSQ Critical Illness Plan allows the insured to choose between three levels of coverage: Basic, Enhanced or Child. The Basic plan offers coverage against stroke, heart attack and cancer, while the Enhanced offers a more comprehensive level of coverage for up to 25 illnesses. The Child Protection policy adds coverage for autism, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis.

Term Life

SSQ’s short-term protection coverage option is the Term Life plan. In this plan, options for term lengths are several: one can choose between a term of 10 or 20 years, but also has the option to receive coverage up until the age of 75. Preferred rates are available to those with superior health at the time of application or renewal.