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Once Transamerica, the newly-branded Ivari is a Canadian insurance company with 80 years of history. Ivari has a advisors and offices across the country, and a variety of insurance products to match their physical breadth.

Ivari Term Life Insurance

Aimed at providing flexible coverage across a wider range of periods, Ivari’s Term Life Insurance policies are affordable life insurance options geared towards any stage of life.

Ivari Critical Illness

Suited to cover policyholders of all ages, Ivari’s Critical Illness plan was created with working professionals in mind. Coverage up to $2 million and up to 25 illnesses ensures that you’re being looked after your circumstance. Plan is available as a complete policy or as a rider.

Ivari Universal Life

Ivari’s Universal Life insurance plan offers policyholders a range of investment possibilities to suit their needs and to plan for their retirement.