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Industrial Alliance, Canada’s 4th largest health and life insurance company was founded in 1892. Offering services such as RRSPs, retirement plans and an array of financial products, Industrial Alliance also has a diverse selection of health and life insurance offerings.

Industrial Alliance Mortgage Life Insurance

Intended to cover a partial, or entire mortgage in the event that you should pass away, IA Mortgage Life Insurance is designed to protect your mortgage, and your loved ones.

Industrial Alliance Critical Illness Insurance

With IA Critical Illness insurance, there are two plans designed with different clients in mind. The first was conceived to protect adults, providing benefits for up to 25 critical illnesses, while the second is specially designed for childhood illness. The latter comes with a year of premium payments free of charge.

Industrial Alliance Whole Life Insurance

A comprehensive, universal life insurance plan designed with flexible premium payment terms, all the way up until the age of 100.

Industrial Alliance Term Life Insurance

The Term Life insurance plan was put in place to protect the short-term needs of Canadians, with annual renewal options, and terms ranging from 10 to 40 years of coverage.

Industrial Alliance Universal Life Insurance

The Genesis Universal Life Plan features quick payment options, a tax-free savings account, the ability to withdraw from account investments and a lifetime of solid coverage.

Industrial Alliance Guaranteed Issue Insurance

The Guaranteed Issue plans by IA are two plans that offer life insurance to prospective policy seekers who do not want to undergo medical examination. These plans cover Canadians that fall under a certain age range (75 or 80, depending on the plan) for life – a comprehensive solution with guaranteed acceptance.