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With roots dating back to 1920, Equitable Life of Canada provides group benefits, savings and retirement management, individual life insurance plans and a full spectrum of investment management funds. They are one of Canada’s largest and most reputable mutually owned providers of insurance.

Equitable Life Universal Life

With their Generation IV and EquiLife policies, Equitable Life offers products that can at once satisfy a client’s needs for comprehensive life insurance and a tax-advantaged investment account.

Equitable Life Whole Life

Offering a lifetime of protection and coverage, Equitable Life’s Equimax plan contains the promise of guaranteed premiums, cash values and an untaxed benefit for your family.

Equitable Life Critical Illness

For those looking for coverage against the onset of critical illness, Equitable Life’s EquiLiving policy offers benefits to those who survive a 30-day waiting period after one of 25 included illnesses, including stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Equitable Life Simplified Insurance

With two options to choose from, Equitable Life offers coverage for those who have health issues. If you’re seeking life insurance but are not interested in a medical exam, Equitable Life’s Simplified Insurance may be right for you.

Equitable Life Term Life

With a variety of options to compliment Equitable Life’s Term Life Insurance, these plans are for those who seek short-term coverage terms of 10 or 20 years.