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Founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1923, Empire Life is a top 10 Canadian insurance company. Offering investment funds and group benefits on top of individual insurance, Empire Life provides an extremely diverse product offering to all Canadian citizens.

Empire Life Whole Life Insurance

Premiums that are linked to interest rates set by the Bank of Canada allow Empire Life’s Hybrid Solution 100 to stand out as a unique product within the insurance industry. Also offered is the EmpireLife Solution 100, which allows for fixed premiums until the age of 100.

Empire Life Term Life Insurance

The Empire Life Solution 10 or 20 plans are for those seeking short-term coverage of either 10 or 20 years. These are affordable, renewable protection plans with guaranteed premiums.

Empire Life Critical Illness Insurance

Providing lump sum benefits for those who have experienced one of over 23 critical illnesses, Empire Life’s Critical Illness Insurance plans cover Canadians up to 75 years of age.

Empire Life Universal Life Insurance

For individuals seeking a little more freedom and leeway to pursue investment decisions as they see fit, Empire Life’s Trilogy and Trilogy Plus plans are a great choice. With the ability to build cash value that can be used at the policyholder’s discretion, these Universal Life Insurance plans offer fantastic flexibility.

Empire Life Participating Life Insurance

With a cash value component that increases through time, Empire Life’s Optimax plans have fixed premium payments, and the option to allow policyholders to share in profits made by participating Empire Life policies.