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Advantages of Canada Protection Plan


All policies contain a grace payment period for premiums of 30 days.

All benefits, when paid out, are tax-free

Premium payments are some of the lowest in the country

Certain policies include a service that assists clients locate the best doctors in the world: Best Doctor Service.

Majority of plans are available to policy seekers without medical examination.

One of the most reputable insurance companies in Canada that does not require a medical exam, Canada Protection Plan offers a 30-day allowable late-payment window for premiums due.

CPP Whole Life Insurance

For those who are possibly having difficulty seeking life insurance coverage elsewhere, CPP offers whole life insurance without a medical exam. There are 4 policies offered under this plan, each with varying levels of coverage, terms and benefits.

CPP Term Life

Offered in 3 distinct packages, the CPP Term Life Insurance option is an affordable alternative for those in search of shorter-term life insurance option with no medical exam.