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With a range of products varying from life insurance to creditor’s insurance, Canada Life Insurance Company carries a solid selection of products. Founded in 1847 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Canada Life Insurance Company is one of the most well-established players in the Canadian financial services industry.

Canada Life Term Life

Canada Life’s Term Life policy is the affordable policy coverage many Canadians are looking for. With terms of coverage between 10 and 20 years, this plan also offers the guaranteed-rate premiums and the possibility of converting the policy to a permanent life insurance plan.

Canada Life Disability

With two plans under this policy, Canada Life offers a policyholder the assistance of meeting one’s financial needs in the event that they become disabled.

Canada Life Permanent Life

Canada Life’s Permanent Life insurance policies offer a lifetime of insurance coverage with one of Canada’s leading insurance companies. With one of the two Permanent Life policies, a policy holder can comfortably build cash value and wealth with investments that match up with their individual risk tolerances.

Canada Life Critical Illness

Coverage for the possibility of replacing income in the event of a disability – this policy ensures that financial support is there when you need it most. Canada Life’s LifeAdvance policy covers 24 critical illnesses for adults. Child LifeAdvance is an insurance policy for children, including 5 childhood illnesses.