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A subsidiary of Aviva PLC (based in the UK), Aviva Canada is a leader in the property and casualty insurance industry. With roots in Canada that date back to 1835, Aviva has evolved through various mergers and acquisitions that has led it to become the insurance frontrunner that it is today.

Aviva Home Insurance

Offering various levels of home protection, Aviva tailors coverage those who are looking for protection on their house or condo. Aviva Home Insurance is also available to tenants, who are renting instead of having purchased a home.

Aviva Car & Auto Insurance

Aviva offers support and coverage to those looking for auto insurance as well. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, Aviva Car & Auto Insurance will cover your unique needs. Several add-on features are available: roadside assistance and rental car coverage are available should you need them.

Aviva Leisure & Lifestyle Insurance

Spanning a wide range of leisure-related activities, Aviva Leisure & Lifestyle Insurance has you covered no matter your passion. Plans available include: boat insurance, cottage insurance, motor home insurance, horse insurance and even collector car insurance.