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Part of the Allianz Group of Companies, Allianz Global has been in business since 1890. With over 75 million worldwide customers, and legendary claims to fame such as the insuring of the Wright Brothers’ first flight, Allianz is a well-trusted expert in the insurance world. Today, Allianz Global specializes in travel insurance.

Allianz Global Travel Insurance

With three comprehensive coverage plans to choose from, Allianz Global provides a little something for any willing traveller. With Allianz Emergency Medical Coverage, the policyholder is covered for unforeseen medical expenses on a trip for up to $5 million. Allianz Global Trip Protector plan offers the traveller protection against cancelled or interrupted trips, with additional protection coverage for baggage. Allianz Comprehensive Coverage plans offer the best value to a potential traveller, combining benefits of both emergency medical coverage as well as trip interruption or cancellation. As with all other plans, 24/7 assistance is available to all policyholders.